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Job tracking:

This module allows you to monitor the progress of jobs received.

You can find a particular job, or a list of jobs for a particular customer, or search for a particular job by reference or tray number.

An extremely useful feature is the ability to record and display comments regarding a job. This allows a history of chases and promises to be recorded and viewed on screen. A report on overdue orders can be produced.

Job tracking allows the progress of jobs within the workshop to be recorded using keyboard or bar code, and you may view the current location of a job.

Jobs can be tracked around the laboratory by using a network of bar-code readers or from a keyboard. The input will tell the system that the tray that is scanned or keyed in has just entered the designated section.

The order enquiry screen will show the current section for the job and there is an option to view the last 16 sections that the tray has been in along with the date & time that the job went into the section.

A common use is also for recording when jobs are sent out the laboratory for other processing such as coating.


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