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Shapes from a variety of sources

Graphic display of lens design

Lens optimisation

Order entry/pricing

Surfacing instructions

Order enquiry

Shape tracing

Transmission practice

Bar coding

Stock control

Job tracking

Third party ordering

Machine interfaces




3rd party accounts interfaces

Management reports


System requirements

Order enquiry:

Orders can be chased by customer number, order reference or by tray. A list of all matching orders is displayed. If the order tracking option is enabled then the current location of the order is shown. The operator can choose to view the details of that order, view the movements of the tray, or record a promised date for the order.

The person taking the enquiry has the facility to record a comment on the computer record of the order. Typically the comments are used to record previous chases of that order.

A report can be run off detailing those orders that have been promised and the current status of the order.

Orders are kept on file until a clear down process is run, which removes orders that were dispatched more than x days ago, and which have been invoiced. x is typically 10. The old orders are stored in an accessible archive.

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